Special Effects Makeup Sydney

Whether you're going to a dress up party, birthday or Halloween is near, special effects makeup can have you looking like anything you desire. If you need to look like a monster, a princess or anything in between professional special effects makeup will get you there!

Let’s talk about transformation

Before we get started it’s important we talk about the exact look you want so we can match it to your personality as much as possible. Many people also like to do a trial special effects makeup session to see how they will look in anticipation for the event.

Tools of the trade

With the use of silicon prosthetics or foam moulds I can give you any look you want making you look as beautiful or as scary as you need. I utilise various special effects designs, specific elements and products from face paints, facial hair pieces, wax, latex and silicon moulds to create your
specific look.

No Limits

Special effects make up can let you transform into anything you want. This doesn’t have to just be for Halloween either. Birthday parties and fancy dress ups with special effects makeup will make you stand out in a crowd.

No Travel fee for any mobile makeup and hair service

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